I am...

Luisa, a freelance art director working mainly internationally in the music industry, specialized in photography, social media marketing and corporate design. 

Creativity has been a part of me my whole life. While discovering my talent in drawing at a young age I always planned to work as a creative someday. 

After starting to draw musicians from the electronic music scene, I quickly got interested in this business and started to try out photography after I got asked to do so. At a young age of just 18 I already worked for the press to document Festivals and Clubshows and to interview artists for two different online photography magazines. At the end of 2016 I founded my own brand „Luisa Art“ the same time as I started my Communication Design study at Kunstschule Wandsbek in Hamburg, Germany. With just 19 years I got discovered by a start-up media agency and started to work full-time as a photographer and art designer there.

June 2018 I decided to only focus on my own brand „Luisa Art“ and got out of the media agency. I then started to work for bigger international and national clients and also photographed at my first international festival, created the first Artist Brand and work as a main and permanent part of media teams from Festivals and Clubshows.

January 2019 I got hired by BYB Agency to work as the Creative Director and to create the new Corporate Identity of the Artist Agency. 2019 is also the year I finished my Bachelor at the Kunstschule Wandsbek. Right now I am touring with international artists, working for several clients as a designer and building up an agency brand and newcomer artists as an art director.

My vision for the future is to full-time build up an artist brand as an art director, photographer and social media marketer.


Event, Festival, Club, Artist and Documentary Photography


Corporate Design, Graphic Design, Merchandise, GIFs, Animation

Brand Building

Corporate Design, Social Media Management and Photography