I am...

Luisa, a freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager working internationally in the electronic music industry. 

I focus on Conceptional Creative (Online) Marketing, Corporate Design and Tour Photography

I am a Graphic Designer, Tour Photographer and Social Media Manager based in Hamburg, Germany. I am working worldwide for several clients such as Artist, Labels, Events and Magazines within the Electronic Music Industry. 

Growing up I have always been a creative person, who was into art and fashion design. My passion for art and creating artworks of artist brought me into the music industry when I turned 17 and it started to be not only a hobby but a job.

Shortly after I got into Music Photography and went through learning how to photograph as part of the press, working as a Journalist for an online EDM magazine, creating my own brand „Luisa Art“ for Designs, Art and Photography end of 2016, being part of a Media Agency as a Designer and Photographer, over being the lead Creative Director for the start-up Labels and Management Agency WEFOR GmbH & BYB Agency to now working successfully full-time as a Freelancer in the international Electronic Music Industry.

I am Luisa Art.


Tour-, Festival-, Brand- and Artist Photography


Graphic Design, IG Filter, Merchandise, GIFs, Animation and Promotion Material

Brand Building

Corporate Design, Social Media Management and Online Marketing